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Monthly Archives: October 2010

My name is Faruk Kara. I am not a musician or a creative. My background is IT; software development and more recently IT infrastructure consultancy. Up to 20 months ago I ran a successful consultancy focusing on using IT in business. I am more interested in business than IT. IT is a means to an end. As a present to myself when the business was sold, I treated myself to train trip around the States visiting friends.

My second stop was my old stomping ground, Seattle. There I hooked up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for nearly twelve years but had been in touch with regularly thanks to the power of the internet. Aaron ( had in the time since I’d last seen him self released two albums. The first was “All The Waters Of This World” eight years ago, and the second, “The Marriage Of The Sun And The Moon” came out in 2008.

Somewhere in my house is a signed copy of that first album. It says “To the expectant parents. With my love, Aaron”. One day it will be worth a lot of money, if only I can find it. My wife and I enjoyed that album so much I had to buy another to replace it. I still listen to it regularly, and enjoyed it on my iPod as my train made its way through the Cascades just before arriving in Seattle.

Aaron was at the time of my visit in May 2009 working on his third album, “american [fever] dream”. I came away with a CD containing a number of early cuts. It would be another 5 weeks before I could listen to them properly. I was blown away when I finally got the chance.

Wind forward to March 2010. The release of Aaron’s new album is just over a month away. My routine of walking my daughter to school, going to the gym, spending the afternoons converting my vinyl to digital is starting to wear thin. I schedule a call with Aaron. Two hours later I’m in the music business. It is just like IT, only more glamorous, right?

Fast forward a little further and I am now working as Aaron’s Manager. There is a very steep learning curve to go up. Business may be business, but each industry requires specific knowledge and understanding. Some of the skills learnt in the IT consultancy world have transferred over immediately. However, there are lots of new skills and knowledge to acquire, sometimes painfully. Follow my regular blog to see what I learn about making a living out of music.